Lotar Dog Arabat x Hexen House Silyehn

Approved odor recognition NW III
Swedish breedclubs show dog of the year 2017
Approved odor recognition NW II
SPH I (tracking I)
Swedish breedclubs show dog of the year 2016
DK CH (danish showchampion)
Approved abilitytest herding
NORD UCH (nordic showchampion)
FI UCH (finnish showchampion)
Approved odor recognition NW 1
C.I.B (International Champion)
SE UCH (swedish showchampion)
NO UCH (norwegian showchampion)
Nordic Winner-2014
RLD F (rally diploma graduate class)
RLD N (rally diploma novice class)
SE VCH (Swedish Bloodtracking Champion)
LP I (obedience diploma class I)
LP II (obedience diploma class II)
The showdog of the year 2014, 2015 & 2016 at Gävle BK

Crohn lives with Monah in Gävle

“He only needs one word ”attitude” “