Lance Van De Hoge Laer x Chatmar Fire N Ice
Import from the UK

Storm lives with Monah & dogs in Gävle

BH test approved
SE UCH (swedish show champion)
SPH I (tracking I)
SE VCH (Swedish Bloodtracking Champion)
LD Startklass (obedience diploma in beginnersclass)
RLD F (rallyobediance diploma graduateclass)
RLD N (rallyobedience diploma noviceclass)
Approved abilitytest herding
Approved odor recognition NW III
Approved odor recognition NW II
Approved odor recognition NW I

”With power, speed and action”

X-Ray results:
2016-04-20HD B/BED 0/0
2017-10-07Gävle BKpassed 503 p KORAD !
2017-10-07Gävle BKApproved hight 63 cm lenght 63 cm
2017-06-04Gävle BKComplete and secure to gunshot
Tracking results:
2018-06-09Söderhamns BKLower class 439,75p #2 approved for higher class
2018-04-22Knivsta BKLower class 420,25p approved
2017-09-23Gävle BKLower class not approved
2017-06-09Gävle BKBeginners class 207p approved for lower class
Wildtracking (blood) results:
2017-10-27GÄKOpen class, first prize SE VCH !
2017-10-25GÄKOpen class, first prize
2017-10-23GÄKOpen class, first prize
2017-10-19GÄKOpen class, third prize
2017-09-28SvTKAbilitytest approved
Obedience results:
2017-12-03Bollnäs BKStart class 182,5 p #3
2017-10-21Valbo BKStart class 160,5 p #3 LD Start class !
2017-08-08Bollnäs BKStart class 143 p
2017-06-07Bollnäs BKStart class 181,5 p #1
2017-06-03Edsbyns BKStart class 141,5 p
2017-05-18Ockelbo BKStart class 171,5 p
Rallyobedience results:
2018-07-01Gävle BKgraduate class 97 p #1
2018-07-01Gävle BKgraduate class 96 p
2018-03-18Gävle BKgraduate class 98 p
2018-03-17Gävle BKgraduate class 93 p
2018-01-14Gävle BKgraduate class 99 p #1 RLD F !
2018-01-13Gävle BKgraduate class 84 p
2017-10-15Gävle BKgraduate class 96 p
2017-10-15Gävle BKgraduate class 72 p
2017-10-15Gävle BKgraduate class disq
2017-07-18Falu BKnovice class 79 p
2017-07-18Falu BKnovice class 100 p #1 RLD N !
2017-06-10Gävle BKnovice class 99 p
2017-06-10Gävle BKnovice class 91 p
Show results: 
2019-07-13Nat GävleExcellent 1 CQ
2018-10-07Int SundsvallExcellent 1 CQ 2 BM R-CACIB
2018-09-30Int Eckerö, FinVG 1
2018-08-04Nat SpecialtyExcellent 2 CQ
2018-07-08Nat GävleExcellent 1 CQ CAC SE UCH !
2018-06-06Nat NorrtäljeExcellent 1 CQ 1 BM CAC BOB BIS-1 working
2018-05-26Nordic GimoExcellent 1 CQ 1 BM CAC Nordic CAC BOB
2017-09-03Int HögboExcellent 2 CQ 2 BM R-CACIB
2017-07-15Nat GävleExcellent 1 CQ 2 BM
2017-05-28Int GimoExcellent 1
2017-01-22Nat Letohallen NoExcellent 1 CQ 1 BM CAC BOB
2017-01-21Nat Letohallen No Excellent 1
2016-08-07Nat SödertäljeExcellent 1 CQ 3 BM
2016-07-16Nat GävleExcellent 1 CQ 3 BM
2016-05-29Int ÖsterbybrukExcellent 1
2016-05-08Nat TimråExcellent 1
2016-05-07Nat SundsvallVG 1
2015-11-15Nat Rättvik1 HP BOB BIS-3 puppy
2015-11-14Nat Rättvik1 HP BOB puppy
2015-10-24Gävle1 HP BOB BOG-2 puppy
2015-09-20Nat Ljusdal1 HP BOB BIS-4 puppy
2015-08-30Skutskär1 HP BOB BOG-3 puppy
2015-08-09Tierp1 HP BOB BOG-3 puppy