High Clearings Kingston x Hexen House Believeh


Llevenh lives with Åsah, Kenneth and dogs in Bergshamra

Llevenhs achievements so far:
SPH I (tracking I)
SE VCH (Swedish bloodtracking champion)
NHAT excellent

”Attitude is everything”

X-Ray Results 2019-02-26 HD B/B ED 0/0

Exteriordescription 2019-08-14 Gävle BK Approved height 59 cm length 61 cm

Mentaldescription 2019-08-12 Gävle BK Complete and secure to gunshot

Tracking results:
2020-08-08 Gävle BK Lower class 432,5 p approved for higher class SPH I
2019-08-19 Gävle BK Beginners class 201 p approved for lower class #1

Bloodtracking results:
2019-06-26 SBAK Open class first prize SE VCH !
2019-06-25 SBAK Open class first prize
2019-06-24 SBAK Open class first prize
2019-06-23 SBAK Abilitytest approved

Show results:
2018-09-15 Nat Eskilstuna BK 1 HP BOB puppy
2018-07-08 Nat Gävle BK 1 HP BOS puppy
2018-06-06 Nat Roslagens BK 1 HP BOB BIS-2 puppy !